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Teacher! Romano x Shy! Student! Reader - Special

(Romano’s POV)
    Today was Thursday. ‘Only-a one more day til-a Friday.’ At times, teaching was ok, maybe even fun, other times it was just plain boring. Most of the kids that take my class aren’t even interested in learning Italian. There was only one student that actually loved my class. (F/n) (l/n). Her pretty face always lit up into a smile every time my class started at the end of the school day. My class was her last class.
    (F/n) was a very smart student, her grades were straight A’s in every class. She was a nice, shy, quiet girl that never bothered me or disrupted class. When there was homework, she would answer the questions honestly, and tell me a bit about herself in Italian through her answers. All the other students only answered with the shortest answer they could think of.
    This ragazza was also very charming and cute. Her (h/l), (h/c)
:iconanekoshizuka:AnekoShizuka 46 9
New Professor (Teacher!Sebastian X Student!Reader)

(I do not own the picture.)
"(F/n), wake up!"
You hesitantly opened your (e/c) eyes and was immediately blinded by a bright light shining down upon you. You lifted your hand in attempt to shield your eyes as you blinked away drowsiness. "..What?" You croak.
"Good, it's about bloody time!" The familiar voice scoffed and then immediately laughed afterwards. "Good thing you're awake now, (F/n)." You recognized your best friend for nearly a decade, Shay Carlson, shining an oil lamp directly into your face.
You cracked a drowsy smile. "And why is that?" You snatch the oil lamp out of her hands, making her jump in shock and tumble to the ground. You calmly set it on the end table.
Her muffled voice reached your ears; "That wasn't nice..." You see her sit up and fix her black hair. You noticed she was already wearing her uniform. "Do you realize what time it is?"
Your eyes snapped open and you sat up, eying the grandfather cloc
:iconchronoszee:ChronosZee 319 57
Presentable Liberty - Mr Smiley's End by OneRandomNameIndeed Presentable Liberty - Mr Smiley's End :icononerandomnameindeed:OneRandomNameIndeed 90 21 Five Nights at Freddy's : Day and Night page 1 by EyeOfSemicolon Five Nights at Freddy's : Day and Night page 1 :iconeyeofsemicolon:EyeOfSemicolon 555 42 1p Vs 2p: Night 5 by LunAFuture39 1p Vs 2p: Night 5 :iconlunafuture39:LunAFuture39 18 7 2p Russia Challenge by BlueRubixCube 2p Russia Challenge :iconbluerubixcube:BlueRubixCube 10 1 Image (5) by LuciferDeathDaughter Image (5) :iconluciferdeathdaughter:LuciferDeathDaughter 3 1 Endless Nights at Hetalia: Night 3 by lucianotopskuro Endless Nights at Hetalia: Night 3 :iconlucianotopskuro:lucianotopskuro 17 5 Contest Entry! by Paper-Ninja-Star Contest Entry! :iconpaper-ninja-star:Paper-Ninja-Star 4 6
Mature content
Endless Nights At Hetalia- P2 - Hetalia X Reader :iconnomnomsun:NOMNOMSUN 3 5
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader - Painted Hearts (2/2)
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader – Painted Hearts
(Queen of Hearts – King of Hearts) (Alice – Alex) (Cheshire has been humanized in this)
(This is entirely the original animated Disney version of the Queen of Hearts and not any other adaption.)
The first day was exhausting to say the least. Frederick had kept you on your toes as he dished out a variety of different practices to teach you with that were all either pointless or obnoxious, usually both. It was now the third day you had been in Wonderland and the week was going by incredibly fast. Today you had more lessons with the king to much of your chagrin. 
You put on your dress for the day and made your ways out of the king's bedroom, which you had been sharing ever since the first day. It was embarrassing at first but you eventually just got used to it. He'd always end up cuddling with you when you slept. You woul
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 475 189
My Bloody Valentine (2P!France X Insane!Reader)
"It's Valentines day!!" you squealed as you jumped up and down excitedly, this year you would do something special for your boyfriend Francois, even though he absolutely despised everything to do with it.
You set out each year to try to change his mind on the subject but he never budged on his hatred of it, he called it a "waste of his time" and a "holiday for the pathetic", even in the four years the two of you had gone out he had still NEVER done anything slightly romantic on Valentines day.
Even if he had never done anything you you had always done things like send him flowers or cards, but he only lite them on fire or threw them away. This year would be the year though, he would have a Valentines day with her if he wanted to or not...
You had decorated the house to embody the essence of Valentines Day with hearts and love everywhere, just so Francois gets in the mood. You were adding the finishing touches on the cake when you heard Francois come in the door, but he wasn't alone, yo
:iconaewsomsause:aewsomsause 226 81
BTLG- Because He Cares -2p France x Reader
You felt a slight pressure on your arm. “Wha-?” Your [e/c] orbs flickered open as you saw a black cat pawing your face.
*Meow meeeeeow*
When you smiled and said, “Hey little kitty~” The cat’s head cocked to the side. “How are you, cutie?” The cat narrowed its eyes. Undeterred from this obvious sign of dislike, you sat up and reached out to pet it.
The cat hissed and screeched. *Reeeeooww!* Then in a blur of motion it scratched your hand. “OW!”
The cat leapt away from you but its mouth was contorted weirdly; like it was…smirking?
“Well thank you for the scratch you-you pussycat!!” The scratch immediately turned purple and rush of dizziness hit you like a ton of cement. “N-Nuh.”
‘Damn cat’ Your sitting position was wavering that you were now supporting yourself with your elbows. ‘Ugh w
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 251 75
2p France x Reader: This is Enough
2p France x Reader: This is Enough
All you could hear all night was you boyfriend Francis hacking. You were used to him getting up in the early hours of the mourning and coming home late but this was becoming to much. "Francis!" You half yelled half whispered while shaking him. "Vhat (Name)?" He said grouchy because you woke him by shaking him not to softly. He flipped over in the bed to face you. "Francis you need to quit smoking it'll kill you and you smell like a strip club." You said squinting to see his expression." Also you've been coughing all night and I can't sleep because of this. I have school in the mourning and I need to get up early." You said trying to make your point. "If I bothzer you zhat much zhen leave!" He can be so protective of his cigarettes and hookers can't he? you thought. "Well fine then I'll leave. You cigarettes seem more important than I ever was. You can just go back to cheap hookers and passing out in the street because I'm not helping you anymore." You
:iconwafflestehpancake:WafflesTehPancake 95 15
Mature content
Never loved someone so much. (2P!France X Reader~) :iconyesimlookingatyou:YesImLookingAtYou 102 38
Mature content
Hangover (2P! France x Reader) Chapter 1 :iconsleepy-corinne:Sleepy-Corinne 94 34


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